June 29th, 2008


Well persistances pays off! We had a great Thunderstorm and I was determined to get a shot. The storm was all around, but I wanted to get a lightning strike with the mine tower in it. I took MANY images – only one with a strike in it!   Awesome!


Our Stuff Is Here

June 1st, 2008

200806-ykrainbw-001.jpgThe movers arrived with our stuff last Tuesday. Spent the past five days trying to organize our lives. It’s so nice being able to sit on the couch and enjoy our new big screen TV. FYI: moving to the north is dangerous to your belongings, the list of things broken is rather long. Dan can’t ride his bike, dining room table wiggles like a surf board, Lori’s pottery collection grew by number of pieces… and on… and on.

Dan & Lori

Cameron Falls

May 25th, 2008

_dsc1786.jpg_dsc1815.jpgGot out of town today. Packed a snack and headed to Cameron Falls, fifty kilometers to the east, for some photography and R&R. The leaves on the birch and poplar trees are just starting to come out. With almost 24 hour daylight, it won’t take long to transform the landscape. It was 16 degrees today, perfect hiking weather for the 25 minute hike to Cameron Falls. Spent the afternoon sitting on rocks listening to the falls and enjoying the sunshine. Took a few photographs and spotted a bear on the way home.

First Revenue Flight

May 23rd, 2008

200805-kugluktuk-002.jpg200805-kugluktuk-013.jpgYesterday I had my first revenue flight after getting my checkout on the DC-4. This means I’m getting paid by the mile for flying. We picked up cargo in Hay River destined for Baker Lake. Fifty miles east of Fort Resolution I noticed that engine #2 was rapidly increasing in oil temperature. The engineer told us we were leaking oil. The engine had to be shut down immediately to prevent catastrophic failure.
We had to fly back to Yellowknife where the Buffalo crew examined the engine and discovered a blown bearing. What an exciting first flight.

Today I had the opportunity to fly in the other DC-4 to Kugluktuk formerly known as Coppermine. It was a beautiful flight all in sunshine.


Finally got my car!!

May 19th, 2008

200805-providenc-006.jpgThe ferry in Fort Providence began operating May 13. Yesterday, Dan and I went to get my car in Hay River. We flew down in  the DC-3 and began the 5 hour drive back to Yellowknife.  Crossed the Mackenzie River at Fort Providence on board the Merv Hardie.

200805-buffalo-007.jpg200805-buffalo-022.jpgLuck was on side (finally) and we had several buffalo sightings, a herd of about 20 with 3 newborns and numerous solitary males. Grass eating machines…see the video: Buffalo Video Clip (7MB). We also spotted 3 black bears and 3 porcupines.

 We had the long day on our side with the sun not setting until 22:40. We got home just before dark at midnight. Very strange. Woke up at 4:30 to a bright bedroom… makes for short sleep time. I think we need another light protective layer on the window.



PPC on the DC-4

May 16th, 2008

Today was a good and exciting day for me. I had my PPC ride in the DC-4. The weather was not ideal, very windy with Microbursts over and around the airport. Had to hold for about 5 minutes on the threshold to wait out a gust front. The ride went pretty well. Had to do two instrument approaches, upper air manouvering, simulated engine failure and engine fire.